3 Points in a 1-Minute Sermon

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One Sunday a church with a large congregation invited a guest priest to offer the mass and to preach.

When he got up to preach, he said, “There are three points to my sermon.” Some people yawned when they heard this. They had heard this many times before and figured they would be quite bored by the time he finally got to the end of point three.

“My first point is this: Today there are about two billon people who are starving in our world because of a lack of food.” The reaction in the pews was much the same, since they had heard that kind of statement many times before.

My second point,” he said. People sat up and started to listen. He was already on the second point. “My second point is that most of you don’t give a damn!

The priest paused for a moment as gasps and rumblings flowed through the congregation.

“My third point is that the real tragedy among Christians today is that many of you are now more concerned that I said ‘damn’ than you are that I said two billion people are starving to death.” He then left the pulpit and sat down.

The whole sermon took less than a minute. It is in many ways one of the most powerful sermons ever given. The preacher was reminding us we are not being called by Jesus to only piety, but to genuine morality. We are being called to action, not to fancy words. A God Provide

Christianity is about what you practice, not just about what you profess.

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