3 Things About Integrity You Need to Know

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1. Integrity means honesty, an uprightness of character.

In our country today we suffer from a lack of Integrity. It has gotten to the point where we expect the worst of people, not only of those in politics, entertainment, business, and religion, but just about everyone. One day a police officer pulled a motorist over to the curb and demanded to see his driver’s license. The officer studied the license suspiciously for several minutes before returning it. The officer explained: “You were driving so carefully, I thought for sure you had an invalid license.”

2. The measure of a person’s Integrity is the distance between their lips and the life they actually live.

What Jesus tells us about Integrity is that life cannot be divided into compartments, where we act one way at home and we act another way at work, school, or with our friends. Today God is especially being put into a compartment, with God being included in church, but excluded in politics, business, and entertainment. A God-Bridge is needed.

3. Each of us needs to stand up for and settle for nothing less than Integrity.

We as Christians and as people of faith must hold our leaders to standards of Integrity, honesty, truthfulness and decency? If not, why not? A God-Glance is needed.

If you value your Integrity,
Then be prepared to take a beating from those who have none.

No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are,
How you treat people tells it all. Integrity is everything.

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