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7-UPS For the New Year

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The first is WAKE UP. Begin the day with the Lord. It is the Lord’s day. Rejoice in it.

The second is DRESS-UP. Put on a smile. It improves your looks. It says something about your attitude.

The third is SHUT-UP. Watch your tongue. Don’t gossip. Say nice things. Learn to listen.

The fourth is STAND-UP. Take a stand for what you believe. Resist evil. Do good.

Five, LOOK-UP. Lift your head up from your smart phone. Open your eyes to the Lord. After all, the Lord is your only Savior.

Six, REACH-UP. Spend time in prayer with your Bible, Lectio Divina, thanksgivings and supplications to the Lord.

And finally, LIFT-UP. Be available to help those in need by serving, supporting and sharing.

Why do we bother to make New Year’s resolutions in the first place? Why do we feel this need each January 1st to set new goals? Maybe it is because resolutions help us to identify our priorities. They answer the Question: How do I want to invest my time, energy, money, and talents in this New Year? A God Tap

The New Year reminds us that time is passing. It is up to each of us to maximize the potential of each and every moment.

Thanks to Robert Schoedel for the 7-UPS

Please give the 7-UPS a try!

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