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A Blessing or a Curse?

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We have all heard the story about how old King Midas loved the sight and the feel of gold. 

The king was convinced that having enough gold would bring meaning to his life. He was delighted when he was granted his wish that everything he touched would be changed into gold. 

Yet his golden world came to have a hollow ring to it. He discovered he couldn’t eat because his food would turn to gold as it touched his lips. He couldn’t embrace his young daughter because that would turn her to gold. 

As long as he had the Midas touch, the king could not have life or love. He soon realized the boon of materiality was in fact a curse of death, and begged to have it removed so he could once again enjoy the genuine blessings in his life.

The good you want in your life will never come from a material thing. Material goods are nothing but physical expressions of ideas of good things. But the REAL good things in life never break or go out of style because they are invisible and eternal. Enjoy a good, loving or creative idea today–it will last forever!

Thanks to John Marks Templeton for sharing. Thanks to Isaac Banuelos for the photo. 

When YOU buy a Lottery ticket, what is on YOUR mind when YOU do so? What is YOUR good, loving or creative idea today that will last forever?


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