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A Change in Posture

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In a cathedral in Copenhagen, Denmark there is a magnificent statue of Jesus by the noted sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. When Thorvaldsen first completed the sculpture he gazed upon the finished product with great satisfaction. It was a sculpture of Christ with his face looking upward and arms extended upward. It was a statue of a majestic, conquering Jesus.

Later that night, however, after the sculptor had left his fine new work in clay to dry and harden, something unexpected occurred. Sea mist seeped into the studio in the night. The clay did not harden as quickly as anticipated. 

The upraised arms and head of the sculpture began to drop. The majestic Christ with arms lifted up and head thrown back was transformed into a Christ with head bent forward and arms stretched downward as if in a pose of gentle invitation. At first Thorvaldsen was bitterly disappointed. 

As he studied the transformed sculpture, however, he came to see a dimension of Jesus that had not been real to him before. It was the Jesus who is a gently, merciful Savior.

Thorvaldsen inscribed on the base of the completed statue, “Come Unto Me,” and that picture of the Lamb of God in his mercy has inspired millions of people ever since.

Thanks to King Duncan for sharing this story. 

During these weeks of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, what IMAGES OF JESUS have come into YOUR prayers, YOUR mind and YOUR heart?

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