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A Dead Rabbi or a Risen Savior?

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Thomas Jefferson ranks as one of our nations’ greatest intellects but not many people know that he rejected the notion of miracles.

When he approached the scriptures he could not tolerate those passages which dealt with the supernatural. So what did he do? He wrote his own bible.

In the Thomas Jefferson Bible you will find only the moral teachings and historical events of Jesus’ life. No virgin birth. No healing of Jairus’ daughter. No walking on water. And, no resurrection.

Here is how the his bible ends: There they laid Jesus and rolled a great stone at the mouth of the sepulcher and departed.”

It is very easy to rewrite history. To say, “that did not happen.” But the story remains that the disciples were witnesses to these events.

Thomas Jefferson is in essence calling the disciples liars and that they continued throughout the first century, for 70 years, to propagate those lies.

Furthermore, Jefferson’s Bible has been robbed of its power. I am convinced that the church does not accomplish 2,000 years of life inside the walls of a closed, dark sepulcher. There is no power in that dark place. Rather, the Church is alive because Jesus is risen from the dead and alive.

Through his death and Resurrection Jesus fought and destroyed every power that will try to obstruct your life.

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