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A Deep Look Into My Heart

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What conversations and interactions with others were significant to me today?
What care and compassion did I show?
What was going on in my head during these interactions? What was going on in my heart? 

Was I truly present?
What control do I have over the circumstances of these individuals?
Did I do all that I could in this point in time?
What can I do for them tomorrow, Easter Sunday, to show that I care?

A Prayer for Compassion

Merciful God,
Open my heart and mind to be fully present to those I interact with throughout all of Easter Sunday. 
Allow me to listen to others without passing judgement or haste to solve what I cannot change.
Give me patience and understanding and grant me grace in my shortcomings.
Be with me in times of fatigue and lift me up with the strength to carry out your compassionate love to all those I speak with tomorrow, Easter Sunday.   Amen. Alleluia!!

Based on the words of Ashley Henkes

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