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There is an ancient Chinese legend of an old man and his only son. One night the old man’s horse escaped, and the neighbors came to comfort him in his loss. “How do you know this is a bad thing?” he asked them.

Several days later his horse returned with a herd of wild horses. Now his friends came to congratulate the farmer for his good fortune. But the old man said, “How do you know this is a good thing?”

While his son was trying to tame one of the wild horses, he is thrown off the horse and breaks his leg. Again his friends gathered to bemoan his new misfortune. But the old man asked, “How do you know this is a bad thing?”

Soon a warlord came to recruit able-bodied youth for his army, and the farmer’s son escaped conscription because of his broken leg. In true fashion, the farmer’s neighbors came and expressed their pleasure over the man’s good luck. “How do you know it’s a good thing?” he asked.

The story can go on forever. We look back on our life and discover some of the best things that happened to us at the time, turned out to be some of the worst events of our lives. Some of the things we look back upon that seemed so bad at the time that we kept asking God, “Why? Why?”. Yet they wound up being some of the best things that ever happened in life. A God Tap

Sometimes, you may not get what you wanted, because of the hidden blessings you never saw coming.

May your horse in the Kentucky Derby today be a blessing to you….no matter where he finishes!!

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