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A Heart That Sings

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In a world that sometimes seems
intent on stealing biggest dreams –
that takes those things we know are right
and puts them somewhere out of sight –
we still find hope in little things:
a child’s smile; a wagging tail;
an artist’s eye; a heart that sings.

These are things we know are real,
that we can see and hear and feel;
these are things that we can sense,
that touch our hearts in present tense.

But there are times we must believe
in things so hard to conceive:
anesthesia; lung machine;
Life now tied to things unseen –
surgeon’s hand; nurse’s skill;
knowledge; know-how; commitment; will;
God and faith and our good health;
and most of all to Life itself.

But you are ready; you’re prepared;
soon your heart will be repaired.
And when you wake up from this rest,
you’ll feel the rhythm in your chest –
subtle, perfect and oh so strong,
your heart now singing Life’s best song,
with hope restored in biggest things:
an active life; a family’s love;
a curious mind; a heart that sings.
Now you’re back where you belong.

By Daniel Mark Extrom

After my open heart surgery on August 2, 2019 to replace an aortic valve and to resect an ascending aneurism, I can feel every line in this wonderful poem and my heart truly sings. What experiences in YOUR life makes your heart sing?

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