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A Less Obvious Solution

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  Perhaps you remember the cartoon strip, Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin is a little boy with an overactive imagination and a stuffed tiger, Hobbes, who comes to life as his imaginary friend. In one cartoon strip, Calvin turns to his friend Hobbes and says, “I feel bad I called Susie names and hurt her feelings. I’m sorry I did that.”

Hobbes replies, “Maybe you should apologize to her.” A God Whisper

Calvin thinks about it for a moment and then responds, “I keep hoping there’s a less obvious solution.” We have trouble accepting those whom God accepts because we take God’s acceptance for granted and God’s forgiveness as our right.


We are much like the elder brother in the Prodigal Son story who preferred justice to mercy. We have worked for what we have (or so we think), and it’s unfair that everyone else should not have to do the same. We have earned God’s favor (or so we think) by “staying at home.” We have merited his acceptance by the good life that we live. So how dare God receive and accept our sinful brother who has returned home saying he’s sorry.


No matter how many steps you have taken away from God…..It only takes one step to get back!!

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