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A Little Time Alone

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John R. O’Neil, in his book The Paradox of Success tells about a psychologist who was once summoned for a delicate interview with a top executive who had been acting oddly. Every Wednesday afternoon, this hard-charging company man would leave his office for a 3:00 P.M. appointment and did not return.

He never told anyone where he went, but because he was observed entering a nearby apartment building, it was assumed he must be visiting a mistress.

Not so. The executive explained his habit to the psychologist quite easily. Inside Apartment 2B waited, not a luscious blonde, but a professional woodworking shop that he had set up, where he labored happily to turn out furniture and knick-knacks.

He kept his special appointment with himself faithfully because it was his retreat from the demands he fulfilled so carefully day in and day out. He needed this chance to be alone with himself, engaged in an activity that took his mind far from the job and focused his attention in a calming way. The psychologist pronounced him eminently healthy. This was the man’s retreat from pressing responsibilities.

You have to admire Jesus’ commitment to maintaining balance in his life. The Savior took time to go apart. Many of us could learn from him. We, too, need a time apart. As someone has said, we need to go apart before we come apart. 

Special thanks to King Duncan 

This time of isolation and being sequestered has been a supreme test for most of us. We have gone from one extreme to the other – from being surrounded by people all the time to being all alone. What has made it so hard for you? Why do you say that? 

A season of loneliness and isolation is when the caterpillar gets his wings. 
How have YOU gotten YOUR WINGS during this season of loneliness and isolation?

What I love the most about staying home to self-quarantine is who I share it with.
How have you been getting along with yourself during this time of self-quarantine?

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