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A Message on the Window

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After fighting for his life against the coronavirus, one Ohio man made sure the team of doctors and nurses that treated him knew how much he appreciated them.

Nic Brown, a 38-year-old IT executive, was diagnosed with the virus after being sent to the medical intensive care unit (MICU) at the Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital in Dover, Ohio, when he came down with a series of its symptoms.

There, he was put into isolation and struggled to survive on a ventilator. Throughout his difficult recovery, the team of medical professionals assigned to Brown would often write uplifting messages on his window as they tried to save his life.

“Every day I was there, especially when I was on a ventilator and full life support, the staff would write on the window the goals for me to try and reach each day,” Brown told the Cleveland Clinic for their blog. “They would encourage me. One day someone wrote, ‘We will get you home.’”

After making a full recovery from the virus, Brown decided to return the favor. Here is what he wrote on the window in the hospital…..

This window has been the most important window in my life. On days when I watched you work hard to keep me and others alive, unable to thank you for the time that you poured into me. 

Although I will probably never get the chance to pour that same love and support into you, I want you to know that I think you all are rock stars. 

I watched some of you have good nights and some bad nights, but what was consistent every night was that you care for people. 

Today I leave this ICU a changed person, hopefully for the better, not only because of your medical healing and God’s direction and guidance, but with the fact of knowing that there are such wonderful people dedicated to the care of others. God bless each of you….

Brown explained that he felt compelled to leave the message for the staff after seeing how selflessly they put their own lives at risk to care for complete strangers.

“Part of why I left the note on the window is because I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such selfless people in my life. I really saw the love of God through them,” he told the Cleveland Clinic. “They don’t know me, but they cared for me like I was a member of their family. It’s been life-altering.”

When have YOU felt this way when you received such wonderful, loving care from others?

How did YOU express your appreciation to them?

How do YOU live your life differently because these special people touched your life in such a powerful and meaningful way?

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