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A Person Hard to Find!

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There was a man who loved gold. 

Then he inherited a fortune. With joy he redecorated his bedroom. He put gold parchment wallpaper up, hung golden curtains, had a gold-colored rug and a golden bedspread. He even bought some gold-colored pajamas. 

But then he got very sick and came down with, of all things, yellow jaundice. His wife called the doctor who made a house call and went up to his bedroom for an examination. The doctor stayed up there a long while. When he came down, the wife asked,  “How is he?”

“Don’t know,” said the doctor. “I couldn’t find him.”

Many people today are so totally absorbed in and are lost in a world of greed and materialism that it makes the true person they are hard to find. 

Thanks to Adrian Rogers



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On Wednesday afternoon I tuned in to the Food for the Poor Zoom Update on its work in Haiti. The August 14th 7.2 earthquake has claimed over 2,200 lives and over 12,000 have been injured. FFTP is assessing the condition of the homes, schools and hospitals that it has built in the affected areas over the past 35 years. So far they have not heard of anyone dying in the homes, schools or hospitals that they have built, but there have been injuries. For some years now FFTP has been using a seismic movement beam and this has greatly helped. None of these homes were destroyed. There were 48 new homes under construction that were deemed safe for people without homes to now move into.

Ten or more 40-foot containers with food, water and medical supplies leave the FFTP warehouse in Port au Prince every day and reach the affected areas. FFTP tries to buy and use as much local produce and products as it can to support the local economies. FFTP has over 3,000 distribution points in the disaster area. There are 400 people working for FFTP in Haiti. 

To the often asked question: “How do I know that my donation actually gets to the people who are hungry, sick and homeless and are so greatly in need?” Ed Raine, the President and CEO of FFTP said that they have had a distribution network in place in Haiti for 35 years. They know how to get what is needed to those who are in great need. Their administrative costs are very low. I have witnessed this every time I have gone to Haiti. FFTP does the most for the least cost. At any one time in the past FFTP has 150-200 active projects going in Haiti. Ed said that dealing with the current crisis in Haiti will take many months. 

Your ongoing support of the people of Haiti is needed. You may do so at or Food for the Poor, 6401 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33073 1(954) 427-2222

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