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A Poem of Truth!

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A Poem of Truth

Where there is stillness, there is contentment.

Where there is contentment, there is rest.

Where there is rest, there is peace.

Where there is peace, there is joy.

Where there is joy, there is love.

Where there is love, there is compassion.

Where there is compassion, there is wisdom.

Where there is wisdom, there is God.

Where there is God, there am I. 

Author Unknown

I find the above poem to be rather profound. We talk about breaking the cycle of poverty, alcoholism or abuse in a family. To break the cycle, someone has to make the conscious decision to do so and even seek help. With poverty, alcoholism or abuse, we see how one thing leads to the next until there is disaster or chaos. 

The above cycle of stillness, contentment, rest, peace, joy, love, compassion, wisdom, God and self are all part of the chain that leads to a life worth living. To break the cycle and to stop at any one of these, leads to a dead end for a person or for a society. 

There is no stillness in so many lives today. Our smart phone never leaves our hand. So how can there be contentment? Listen to yourself and listen to other people. Are you and others content in life today or is it one complaint after another? Then how can you get a good night of restful sleep? And so the cycle continues on and on. We see what we as individuals and what we as a society are dealing with in the Cycle of Life. 

I find it interesting that it is called A Poem of Truth. So many people today are having a hard time finding the truth. I believe that finding the truth is in discovering the Cycle of Life – stillness, contentment, rest, peace, joy, love, compassion, wisdom, God and self. 

Please spend some quality time reflecting on and praying about the Poem of Truth and its Cycle of Life. 


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