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A Prayer by St. Francis Assisi

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Our Father, each day is a little life, each night is a tiny death.

Help us to live with faith and hope and love. Lift our duty above drudgery. Let not our strength fail, or our vision fade, in the heat and burden of the day.

O God, make us patient with one another in the fret and jar of life, remembering that each of us fights a hard fight and walks a lonely way.

Forgive us, Lord, when we hurt other souls. Teach us a gentler tone, a sweeter charity of words, and a more healing touch.

Sustain us, O God, when we must face sorrow. Give us courage for today and hope for tomorrow. A God Provide

Day unto day may we lay hold of your hand and look up into your face, no matter whatever befalls us, until our work is finished and the day is done. Amen.

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