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A Prayer for Our Country!

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Every inch of America is sacred, from sea to shining sea.

There is much to be done in our time, the sort of hard work on which God smiles because it is done for the sake of the dignity and well-being of all God’s creatures. 

Together, let us work to preserve and make manifest the values upon which our democracy was founded.

The task of all people of faith is to call governing authorities to fulfill God’s purpose of bringing about justice, mercy and peace.

Individually and as a nation, may we heed our obligations to each other as we navigate the tensions of building a just society. 

Rather than a politics of divisiveness, may we move our country toward a politics of empathy. 

May we use our power well so we do great things for all God’s creatures, all those made in God’s image who yearn for an equal place at America’s table.

If we do all this, may grace and peace be ours in abundance. May we be a beacon and a blessing to the world.

Complied and adapted from American Values Religious Voices letters. Thanks to Aaron Burden for the picture. 

Please pray, reflect upon and act upon the above words this 4th of July weekend.


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