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A Prayer for Valentine’s Day

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A Prayer for Valentine’s Day

Loving God, 

As I think about Valentine’s Day,

I bring you my heart….

a hopeful heart.

a disappointed heart, 

a confident heart,

a heart in hiding,

a grateful heart,

an angry heart,

a patient or “I’m so done and over this” heart,

a restless heart, 

a full or aching-with-hollowness heart, 

a scarred heart,

a scared heart, 

a heart that sings or

a heart long silent,

a surprised heart, 

a struggling heart, 

a broken heart, 

a beautiful heart…..

I wear my heart as the badge of honor it is –

any heart that keeps beating love

in a broken world

is a testimony to grace, 

to resurrection, to you…..

Somehow, God, you find a way to curl yourself

into the most-closed hearts…..

to make your way through

the heart’s minefield, 

knowing where to step, 

where to heal. 

I know, God, that broken, 

beautiful hearts are powerful – 

the world was changed, is changed, 

because of your broken, beautiful heart. 

And, there’s beauty to be found in the pieces…..

Thank you, God –

Love made Flesh –

for hiding me in your heart.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.”  Mark 12:30

By Arianne Braitwaite Lehn

From Ash & Starlight, Prayers for the Chaos & Grace of Daily Life

This is a Special Prayer for you to pray today and tomorrow!

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