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A Short Memory

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A man who flew his own plane got tired of the long auto trip from the airport to his country place which was situated on a lovely lake. So he had the idea of equipping his plane with pontoons so he could land right in front of his cottage. 

However, on his first trip up to the country with his newly equipped plane, he headed for a landing at the airport just as he always had done in the past. Old habits are hard to break.

But as he was going in for the landing it dawned on his wife what was happening, and she hollered, “What do you think you’re doing? You can’t land this thing on the runway. You don’t have any wheels, you’ve got pontoons on it!”

Fortunately, her warning shout was in time and he pulled up from his landing pattern and swung the airplane around and headed the plane for a landing on the lake.

After the plane landed safely on the lake, he heaved a really big sigh of relief and turned to his wife and said, “That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever done!” Then he turned, opened the door, stepped out, and fell directly into the lake.

What old habits are coming back to haunt YOU during this time of isolation and confinement?

When was the last time YOU verbally admitted to others that you were WRONG about something you had done or said…….

Or admitted YOU were WRONG about an opinion regarding politics or a politician that you now realize you were wrong about? 

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