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A Time To Be Reborn!

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There is an ancient Jewish parable about twin unborn brothers lying together in the womb. 

One believes that there is a world beyond the womb “where people walk upright, where there are mountains and oceans, a sky filled with stars.” The other unborn twin can barely contain his contempt for such foolish ideas. 

Suddenly the “believer” of the twins is forced through the birth canal leaving behind the only way of life he has known. The remaining unborn twin is saddened, convinced that a great catastrophe has befallen his twin brother.

Outside the womb, however, the parents are rejoicing. For what the remaining brother, left behind, has just witnessed is not death but birth. This is a classic view of the life beyond the grave — a birth into a world that we on Earth can only try to imagine. 

The Easter message is that we have an older brother named Jesus who has traveled beyond the tomb, down the birth canal of eternity and has returned to assure us that GOD IS LOVE, and that there is a place prepared for any of us who will accept and live the Good News.  (John 20:1-9)

After we have spent the past year alone and sequestered because of the pandemic, we have experienced not so much the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb. Like a woman in labor giving birth, this Easter you and I are being called upon to breath and to push, to be born again! 

Whether our name is Mary Magdalene or Peter or even Judas, Christ came into the world to save sinners. 

Won’t YOU accept the offer of a new life that the Risen Jesus gives to you this Easter Sunday?    How is your Act of Acceptance of a new life changing the way you live today and tomorrow?

Thanks to Rabbi David Wolpe and King Duncan  


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