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Acceptance Changes Lives

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A child psychologist told about a boy who was brought to him who was labeled “incorrigible.”

The child was supposed to be “uncontrollable.” He was moody, and at first wouldn’t even talk to the psychologist. There simply seemed to be no “handle” with which to take hold of him. The boy’s own father, said, “This is the only child I’ve ever seen who doesn’t have a single likeable trait, not a single one.”

The psychologist realized this was his starting point. He started looking for some one thing he could approve. He found several. The boy liked to carve and he did it well. At home he had carved up the furniture and been punished for it.

The psychologist bought him a carving set, a set of carving knives, and some soft wood. He also gave him some suggestions about how to use them, and didn’t hold back his approval.

“You know, Jimmy,” he said, “you can carve out things better than any boy I ever knew.” To make a long story short, the psychologist soon found other things he could approve, and one day Jimmy surprised everyone by cleaning up his own room without being asked.

When the psychologist asked him why he did it, Jimmy answered, “I thought you would like that.” A God Whisper

Acceptance changes lives. You and I have seen it happen in other situations with adults as well as young people. This is the strength of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups. When people feel accepted, they find the power to change. A God Provide

This was one of the secrets of Jesus’ ministry. He accepted people just as they were and he changed their lives.

Thanks to King Duncan for his insights.

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