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In real life, Jesus Christ was an agent of change. He came into the world without sin and left the world the same way. No change needed.

But everyone Jesus touched changed in one way or another. His disciples became far more than they ever dreamed of becoming. We’re talking about men like Simon Peter, who was nothing more than a fisherman trying to eke a living out of the sea. No education, no resume, but he became a world changer. Our Church was built on him.   A God Touch

Not many of us can be that agent of change as easily as any one of Jesus’ disciples, but no doubt you are an agent of change in some area of your life. If you are a parent or a grandparent, you are an agent of change to your children or grandchildren. If you are a teacher, you are changing lives every day….We need to think back on the teachers of our youth and the influence they had on our lives to understand how. 

To those entrusted to you and who are close to you, you are changing lives in the most profound way of all – for eternity!!

Think of those people whose lives you have already changed.

Thanks to Debbie Macomber for these words. 

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