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Advent is a wonderful time to renew our prayer life as we await the coming of Jesus into our heart. The idea that reading the Bible and prayer can BE ONE thing is very helpful to me.

This process is called Lectio Divina, or Sacred Reading. It is worth your doing every day in Advent as you grow spiritually.

Lectio Divina proceeds in 4 stages:

READING: First select a Scripture passage, take a short section and then with a listening heart read the text aloud slowly and deliberately. When you find a word or phrase or sentence that speaks to your heart, pause in your reading.

MEDITATION: Second, meditate or mull over the word or words. Allow God to settle it into your soul. Allow the words to probe your attitude, emotions and aspirations.

PRAYER: Third, return the Scripture you have just read to God the Father by praising him for its work in you. Talk to the Father about your reading.

CONTEMPLATION: The final stage is resting in the Lord’s presence. This is the act of simply being with God. A God Touch

Advent is the time to explore new vistas in your spiritual life. We feed our bodies 3 times a day and also have snacks along the way. Our bodies have a limited shelf life. Our souls have an eternal shelf life. Here is a wonderful and beautiful way to feed our souls. JUST DO IT!!

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