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Another Perspective!

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There is a story of a beggar who was sitting across the street from an artist’s studio. 

The artist saw him and thought he would make an interesting portrait study. So from a distance he painted the defeated man whose shoulders drooped, and whose eyes were downcast and sad. When he was finished, he took the portrait over to the beggar so he could look at it.

“Who is that?” the beggar questioned. 

The painting bore a slight resemblance to himself, but in the painting before him he saw a person of dignity, with squared shoulders and bright uplifted eyes, almost handsome! 

He asked the artist, “Is that me? I don’t look like that.” 

But the artist replied, “but that is the person I see in you.”

You’d be blown away to know the wonder of what God sees in you. It would change your whole outlook on life!

Thanks to Bret Blair and Rev. Michael J. Fish and to Beth Macdonald for the photo.

What does God see in YOU that is so very unique and special?


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