Are You Looking to Be Free in 2020?

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Leisure,” from the Latin, means “to be free.” Leisure is anything that restores you to peace while you are doing it. So, gardening, golf, reading, puzzles, and many other things can restore us to peace as we do them.

Another cousin of leisure is the word “paragon.” This little-used word means “the second thing that we do in life that keeps the first thing in tune.” Hence, our work may draw energy from us, and we have then a “paragon,” a leisure thing we do in order to restore us. A God Provide

Most often, to build toward leisure demands that we disassemble something else. In Thomas Moore’s book Meditations, he tells of a pilgrim walking along a road. The pilgrim sees some men working on a stone building.

“You look like a monk,” the pilgrim said.

“I am that,” said the monk.

“Who is that working on the abbey?”

“My monks. I’m the abbot.”

“It’s good to see a monastery going up,” said the pilgrim.

“They’re tearing it down,” said the abbot.

“Whatever for?” asked the pilgrim.

“So we can see the sun rise at dawn,” said the abbot.

Thanks to Richard A. Wing

What monastery do you need to tear down in 2020 so that you too can see the sun rise at dawn?

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