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Are You Trying to Move Any Boulders?

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A little boy and his father were walking along a road one day when they came across a large stone. The little boy looked at the stone and then asked his father, “Do you think I can move that rock?

”The father thought for a moment and said: “I think that if you use all your strength you can do it.”

The little boy ran to the rock and began to push on it. He pushed and pushed and beads of sweat poured from his body. The rock did not budge. After a while the boy sat down, tired and dejected. “You were wrong,” he told his dad. “I can’t do it.”

His father walked over to him, knelt beside him, and put his arm around the boy’s shoulder. “You can do it,” he said. “You just didn’t use all your strength. You didn’t use all that you had. You didn’t ask me to help.”

I reflect and pray about what the boy was trying to do and what his father said. So often I don’t ask anyone for help. My ego is so huge. Every day on TV I hear about all those who have all the answers and would never think of asking for help. Like them, I don’t ask others. I don’t ask God for help. A God Tap

Is it any wonder the rocks and the stones don’t move?

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