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Be Different!

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Some people in Massachusetts organized what they called an Apathy Club. The club has no dues, holds no meetings, elects no officers, takes no stand on anything, and makes no contributions of any kind to anything. 

Does that sound like something you would like? Forget it! If you are interested, that shows you are not qualified for membership.

Some people lead a life worthy of an organization like this. But the Apathy Club is not a viable choice for a Christian. Those who are willing to put their hand in the hand of the Man from Galilee must also be willing to get involved in God the Father’s world.

Jesus’ message was profoundly simple. If you have two coats and meet a chap with none, give him one of them. Consider first your own faults before trying to change the other fellow’s shortcomings. If someone asks you to give him a hand with something, do twice as much as is expected of you. Say a prayer for those you find difficult to love. Jesus was different and what he said was different. 

Christianity is an action word. The Christian has no choice but to get involved with another’s suffering. You must not be like Charlie Brown of the Peanuts comic strip who concludes, “There’s no problem so big that you can’t run away from it.” Instead realize that your neighbor’s misery needs your company.

In his novel, Too Late the Phalarope, Alan Paton begins with the painful words, “Perhaps I could have saved him, with only a word, two words, out of my mouth. Perhaps I could have saved us all, but I never spoke them.” Such a commentary should never be written about a Christian. You and I must be different like Jesus was different. 

Thanks to John Krahn for these words

Why is being different so difficult?   Why is being different like Jesus so difficult. Why do you say that?

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