Big Dreams!!

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There was a skinny, scrawny Black youngster who one day heard a coach say, “You can be whatever you make up your mind to be. God will help you.” 

Afterwards this youngster came up to the coach and declared, “I’ve decided what I want to be – the fastest man in the world.” The coach said, “That’s a great dream but there is one problem. Dreams have a way of floating high in the sky and drifting around like clouds. A dream never becomes a reality unless you have the courage to build a ladder to your dream.” 

He explained to the youngster that his dream would take determination, dedication and discipline. Jesse Owens listened to the words of that coach that day and was faithful to his dream, and at the 1936 Olympics in Germany he proved himself to be the fastest man in the world. He won four gold medals and embarrassed Adolph Hitler in his own hometown. 

A beautiful garden begins with a vision, a dream and an inner picture of what you can accomplish with God’s help.

How old are YOU? What is YOUR “Big Dream?” Is it a dream like Jesse Owens’ dream? Do you think that you are too old for “Big Dreams”? Then find someone who is young and help nurture their “Big Dream”. You too can be a Coach! 

All I hear today is people griping and complaining. America and the world are truly suffering because YOU don’t have a “Big Dream” or if you’re not helping someone else achieve their “Big Dream”.  There are more Jesse Owens’ out there than you could ever imagine!


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