Blessings Sent Your Way!

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Daniel Defoe gave us some great advice through his fictitious character Robinson Crusoe. 

The first thing that Crusoe did when he found himself on a deserted island was to make out a list. On one side of the list he wrote down all his problems. On the other side of the list he wrote down all of his blessings. 

On one side he wrote: I do not have any clothes. On the other side he wrote: But it’s warm and I don’t really need any. On one side he wrote: All of the provisions were lost. On the other side he wrote: But there’s plenty of fresh fruit and water on the island. 

And on down the list he went. In this fashion he discovered that for every negative aspect about his situation, there was a positive aspect, something to be thankful for. It is easy to find ourselves on an island of despair in our life, especially during so many months of a pandemic. 

Perhaps it is time that we sit down and take an inventory of our blessings. There are some of us who are long, long overdue in expressing our thanks to God.

Simone Biles, the U.S. gymnast, lists her Catholic faith as one of her greatest blessings. She believes that “impulses to be the very best do not need to rule over our lives.” In her autobiography, “Courage to Soar,” Biles says that her Confirmation name was Sebastian., the patron saint of athletes. The martyred saint is held up as an example of physical strength, resiliency and bravery. Simone Biles usually carries a statue of St. Sebastian in her bag along with a rosary from her mother that she prays.

List a few of YOUR problems and the blessings YOU have in spite of them. 


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