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There is a true story about a soldier who was severely wounded. When he was out of surgery, the doctors said that there was a good chance for recovery, except that the soldier wouldn’t eat anything. The nurses and nuns tried everything, but he refused all food, drinking only water and juice.

One of his buddies knew why the soldier wouldn’t eat, he was homesick. Since the hospital wasn’t too far from the soldier’s home, he offered to bring the young man’s father to visit him.

The commanding officer approved and the friend went to the parents’ home. As the father was about to leave for the hospital, the mother wrapped up a loaf of fresh bread for her son.

The patient was very happy to see his father but he still wouldn’t eat, until the father said: “Son, this bread was made by your mother, especially for you”. The boy brightened and began to eat.

You and I are that young soldier. We are the ones who have been wounded in the battle of life. We are the ones who’ve been wounded by sin, by trials and pains, by loss and by our forgetfulness of God.

We lose our taste for the food that will strengthen our souls. Holy Communion gives us life, spiritual life, God’s life. It gives us spiritual healing and spiritual strength. A God Provide

There was nothing “magic” about the mother’s bread unless, that is, one feels that “love” is magic which, of course, it is.

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