But for the Grace of God!

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A lot of what God has done throughout history hasn’t seemed fair to people. 

Why was Jacob not denounced by God for his conniving ways?  

Why was David not disowned by God for his disgraceful actions?  

Why was the adulteress not condemned by Jesus for her open disregard of the moral laws?  

Why was Peter not disavowed by God after his blatant denial of Christ in the courtyard? 

Why was Paul not banished by God forever because of his persecution of the Christians early in his life?  

Why? That is the question: Why?  And the answer is because there is nothing in the world so tenacious and resolute as the grace of God.    

The Gospel of John tells us:  “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:17).  

Thanks to Leighton Farrell

What in YOUR life has not seemed fair to YOU?  What was God saying to YOU?


A man named John recently sent me this email…..

I enjoyed reading, “THE GATHERING, Jesus and Abortion, A Story for Our Time”.  Thanks for writing it and suggesting reading it right after the Roe V. Wade announcement.  It has been a big help to my own struggles with this topic.  I appreciated Manuel’s thoughts about “right to life” as it applies to everything in nature but would be interested in his comments about right to life given this country’s gun culture.  Perhaps a “Gathering II” in our future? You can order THE GATHERING by Medard Laz at Amazon. 

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