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Buying Echoes!

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A man was on the practice tee of a golf course when the club pro brought another man out for a lesson. 

The pro watched the fellow swing several times and started making suggestions for improvement, but each time the pupil interrupted with his own version of what was wrong and how to correct it. 

After a few minutes of this interference, the pro began nodding his head in agreement. At the end of the lesson, the student paid the pro, congratulated him on his expertise as a teacher, and left in an obviously pleased frame of mind.

The observer was so astonished by the performance that he asked the club pro, “Why did you go along with him?” The old pro said with a grin, as he carefully pocketed his fee, “I learned long ago that it’s a waste of time to sell answers to a person who wants to buy ECHOES.”

Thanks to Michael P. Green for sharing. 

This is what I see and hear happening today with people all around me who listen to talk radio, watch cable TV shows and are wedded to certain websites – they don’t want ANSWERS to what is happening today, they are only interested in hearing ECHOES. 

What echoes have YOU been buying or hearing lately? 


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