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There is a story about an ancient Persian king who had injured his ankle quite severely. None of his court physicians knew how to help him. 

A member of his court told him about a certain slave who was said to have a great insight into matters of the body. The Persian king sent for the slave who was brought to him weighted down with chains and dressed in rags. 

However, the slave was indeed able to give him great assistance with his problem. The pain ceased and the ankle soon healed. The king was elated and justly grateful for the slave’s help. He was so grateful that he sent the slave a gift — a new set of golden chains.

So many of the things in our life, even our successes, do this to us – they enslave us. Our chains may even turn to gold, but they are still chains that keep us from the joy of becoming who we are meant to be. 

In watching the Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, we saw how enslaved by royal tradition each member of the royal family was. They have everything, but especially they have their golden chains that entrap them and take away their freedom. 

There is only one person in our lives who can open our chains and set us free – JESUS! So why not sit down with Jesus for awhile this Lenten Wednesday and talk things over? 



Please Check out the Epilogue in THE GATHERING. Jesus leaves behind a pair of handcuffs that are open and bent…..

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