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Christ Is Born Anew!

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The message of Christmas is that God intrudes upon the weak and the vulnerable, and this is precisely the message that we so often miss. The “know-it-alls” have skins that are just too thick.

God does not come to that part of us that swaggers through life, confident in our self- sufficiency. God leaves his treasure in the broken, fragmented places of our life. 

God comes to us in those rare moments when we are able to transcend our own selfishness long enough to really care about another human being.

On the wall of the museum of the concentration camp at Dachau is a large and moving photograph of a mother and her little girl standing in the line of a gas chamber. The child, who is walking in front of her mother, does not know where she is going. 

The mother, who walks behind, does know, but is helpless to stop the tragedy. In her helplessness she performs the only act of love left to her. She places her hands over her child’s eyes so she will at least not see the horror to come. 

When people come into the museum they do not whisk by this photo hurriedly. They pause. They surely feel the pain. And deep inside I think that they are all saying: “O God, don’t let that be all that there is.”

God’s hears those prayers. It is in just such situations of hopelessness and helplessness that God’s almighty power is born. It is there that God leaves his treasure… Mary’s womb and in all of us, as Christ is born anew within you and me. 

Thanks to Lidia Stawinska for the photo. 

When were YOU hopeless and helpless when God’s almighty power was then born in YOU?


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