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Christ’s Cry At Christmas!

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The Cry of the New-Born Christ-Child is a Cry like no other Cry ever heard…..

Christ’s Cry signals a new life is being born, where there’s hope, not just for one, but for all.
Christ’s Cry reminds us that we must be about Our Father’s business and not just our own business and busyness. 
Christ’s Cry stops us in our tracks so that we realize; “I AM my brother’s keeper and I AM my sister’s keeper.”
Christ’s Cry is unsettling, since it beckons the hands of all to pick him up and to hold him tight.
Christ’s Cry soars above all the moaning of the poor and the gasps of the dying, inviting us to take notice of their plight and help them in their time of suffering.  
Christ’s Cry is often a soft whimper, assuring us that our life, even as it is, truly is worth living. 
Christ’s Cry is often shrill, so we might open our ears, our minds and our hearts to reality and not just to gossip, hearsay and idle talk. 
Christ’s Cry is embedded in the pain and the hurt of every injustice, no matter where injustice lies hidden and covered over. 
Christ’s Cry beckons families, communities and nations to embrace and to hug him, while they strive to heal their divisions and factions. 
Christ’s Cry signals that someone who is beloved has wandered off and has been forgotten.
Christ’s Cry rises all the way to heaven, where it becomes the melody for our dearly departed loved ones to grab an angel and dance to the music that never ends. 

            The Cry of the New-Born Christ-Child is a Cry like no other Cry ever heard.

By Medard Laz
Christmas, 2020

Have a Blessed Christmas!!!    Father Med

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