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Compassionate Love!

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Laurie Beth Jones in her book Jesus in Blue Jeans tells of sitting in a field of wildflowers high atop the Swiss Alps. The snowcapped mountains are piercing the clouds, with the slightest tinkling of cowbells floating up from the valley below. 

Laura Beth Jones writes:

“The more I tuned into it the more I began to hear this subtle symphony echoing through the hills. I learned later that each local farmer puts bells on the cows so he can always know where they are, even when he can’t see them. 

“And at evening, when it’s time to lead them home, he takes a wreath of flowers and puts it across the shoulders of the cow that has given the most milk that day. Then the farmer simply walks in front of the cows and one by one they fall in line and head for home . . . . 

“No whips or cattle prods are used on the cows in the Swiss Alps. They know well the voice of the farmer, and when he calls they turn toward home, knowing he will lead them home.”

So it is in the church, as we heed the voice of Jesus, the one who shepherds us into the very presence of God. Not by threat or intimidation, not by fear of an eternity of hellfire, not by offering material rewards in this life, but by compassionate love.

Thanks to Laura Beth Jones and Joel D. Kline for sharing. And thanks to Bastian Riccardi for the picture.

When and how has Jesus showed YOU compassionate love this past year?


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