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Consider the Impossible!

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This is a story of impossibilities. Consider the impossibilities Mary faced at Bethlehem: She is a virgin and pregnant — she is having a child while she is a virgin. 

Impossible! No way! Won’t happen! 

Joseph has to follow through on the marriage after he discovers Mary is pregnant.

Impossible! Mary must avoid being stoned to death when the neighbors hear the news. Impossible!

Consider the impossibility Elizabeth faced. She was well past the childbearing age, and yet God says she is going to conceive and bear a child.

This impossible news left old Zechariah speechless. Impossible! No way! Won’t happen!

This is a story of biblical impossibilities. But, what are the impossibilities in YOUR world?

What would you label “Impossible” in your life? Peace in our world. Impossible! No way! Won’t happen! 

Christian values returning to our nation, morality becoming the norm? Impossible!

Our church reaching our surrounding community filled with drugs and gangs and making our world different? Impossible!

Restoring relationships, healing past hurts in our lives. A relative or friend entering into a relationship with Christ. Breaking an addiction and overcoming past hurts and disappointments? Impossible!

We find ourselves with the same troubled mind as Mary, wondering over the Impossible. We even ask the same question Mary asked, “How can this be?”  

To us it seems Impossible! No way! Won’t happen! The real question for people today is “How can the impossible become possible?”

Thanks to Dwight Gunter for sharing this.   Thanks to Gary Bendig for the picture. 

Bobbie Kavnar’s son, Jim Kavnar, shared with me that during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, his father, a colonel in the US Air Force, was on a plane with orders to drop a nuclear bomb on the Kremlin. At the last minute the President ordered him to turn around and return to the base. After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Bobbie started Christian TV and radio stations throughout Russia. Thirty years after he turned his plane around, Bobbie Kavnar stood in the Kremlin as Boris Yeltsin awarded him Russia’s highest honor for bringing Christ to Russia. 

Please, tell me again, what’s IMPOSSIBLE in our world today?


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