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Just a Headache

There was a man who had been suffering with a headache for several days.  Finally,

The World I Live In

The World I Live In I have refused to livelocked in the orderly house ofreasons

God’s Treasure

Tom Long asks the question in his book “Shepherds and Bathrobes”: “Have you ever noticed

Sharing Your Faith!!

Former President Jimmy Carter is not shy about sharing his faith. He and wife Rosalynn

I Worried

I worried a lot. Will the garden grow, will the riversflow in the right direction,

No Turning Back

There is no turning back to yesterdayor to last month,or to last year…. No matter

One Beggar Telling Another

Paul Tillich was one of the greatest theologians of the 20th Century, the “father of  existential theology.”

“Lord, I’m Ready!”

Who would have thought that relatively powerless persons could bring shifts in history?  Gandhi, an

To Tell The Truth

In 1884 Grover Cleveland was running against James G. Blaine for the presidency of the

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