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Happy Birthday, George!

I know we now call it President’s Day, but I still like to say: “Happy Birthday, George Washington!!” You were born February 22, 1732.  What a legacy of faith and especially

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You Go Every Sunday?

A young woman asked her older co-worker: “Why do you go to church every Sunday? Does something happen there that can’t happen somewhere else? And does it happen every Sunday?” The

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Forty Days of Love!

Have you ever been confronted with a message that changed your perspective? One church chose as its Lenten theme, “Forty Days of Love.” Each week members of the congregation were encouraged

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Past Daily Treats

A Piece of Your Heart!

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, perhaps the best and most sincere television evangelist ever, reflected once

Ash Wednesday!

We enter the season of Lent by putting ashes on our foreheads. What’s symbolized here? 

The Original Gorilla!

Have you pretty much given up on our politicians in Washington, D.C? Do you feel

Different Uniforms!

Some of you old-time football fans will remember Bo Schembechler, the legendary head coach of

Your Healthy Conscience!

We think that airport security scanners are new but the idea is very old.  Centuries

Whatever It Takes!

A motivational speaker once said there are two kinds of people in this world: those

The Demands of Others!

Jesus discovered that only by turning to God when the crowds were pressing so hard

Personal Prayer Time!

We live in a hi-tech, fast paced, workaholic world where no one rests. We are