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The Way That God Loves Us

    There was a TV interview of a heroic mother who had single-handedly raised a large family. In spite of all the frustrations, disappointments and obstacles, she had persevered

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A Dead Rabbi or a Risen Savior?

  Thomas Jefferson ranks as one of our nations’ greatest intellects but not many people know that he rejected the notion of miracles. When he approached the scriptures he could

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How Civilization Began

    The famous anthropologist Margaret Mead was once asked this question: What was the

Touch the Untouchable

    Michael Wayne Hunter was put on death row in California in 1983, in

The Right Touch

    In Love, Medicine and Miracles, by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., published 30 years

Heal the Woundedness

    Penelope J. Stokes tells about her reaction to a scene in the motion

The Healer Within Us

    Healing is a mystery. We don’t understand it. All we can do is

The Healing Touch

    In a nursing home living room there were frail men and women slumped

What the World Needs

    THE WORLD NEEDS MEN AND WOMEN….. who cannot be bought. whose word is

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