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YOU Can Build a Bridge!

A hundred feet above the Apurimac River, near the remote village of Huinchiri, Peru there is a suspension bridge that connects the Limi-Cuzzo Road. It has been there since the

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Your Second Language!!

There was a mother mouse who decided to teach her little mice about the world. So she gathered all of her little ones and set out for a walk. They

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Say “Gracias!!”

The late Roman Catholic priest and prolific writer on the spiritual life, Henri Nouwen (1932-1996), felt God call him from his faculty position at Yale University to live with the poor

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Inconvenient Trouble!

Was Easter Sunday just another day on your 2021 calendar, especially in a time of

The Prisoner Is You!

I once heard about a woman whose husband left her for another woman. When the

Hey! Man on the Cross!

“Hey!  Man on the Cross!   Why are you still hanging there? Don’t you want to be taken

Are You Troubled?

What anxious people need more than anything is peace, especially peace of mind.  On Black Friday (the

God’s Days!

There are two days in the week upon which and about which I never worry.

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