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The Lord Is My Shepherd!

We are all familiar with Psalm 23, “The Lord is My Shepherd”.  Hopefully we pray it often and we meditate upon its words….. The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.  In

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When the Pilgrims celebrated that first Thanksgiving in 1621, they had almost nothing. And yet they celebrated as if they had everything. Most of us Americans have more to be

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Past Daily Treats

The Power of Belief!

Today we remember and honor our veteran soldiers who have risked their lives to give

Happy Endings?

When I was younger, I have watched a lot of films that had happy endings. 

Enjoying Life!!

There was a rich Silicon Valley billionaire who was disturbed one day to see a

Thank You, Honest Abe!

Today is Election Day!! Please vote today if you have not already done so. Thanksgiving

The Perfect Day!

What is a perfect day? It is a day in which the heart is filled

Especially Thankful!

During a harvest festival in India, an old widow arrived at her church with an

Our Final Surrender!

It has always bothered me that in one of the Beatitudes, Jesus says….“Blessed are they

All Souls Day!

Can you just imagine,  If Heaven had a phone? Yes we would still miss them,But

Happy All Saints Day!

Today is All Saints Day, a day when you and I will hopefully be remembered