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Danger & Opportunity

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The Chinese word for crisis consists of two characters– one for danger and one for opportunity.

Sometimes to keep a story moving forward, the author has to raise the stakes.This device happens in the movie Speed.When a terrorist’s plan backfires, he rigs a ticking bomb to a Los Angeles city bus. The bus must maintain a speed of at least 50 miles per hour to keep from exploding. 

Anyone who knows LA traffic, with its congestion and twists and turns, understands what an impossible task has been set for the hero. To further complicate things, if the LAPD tries to unload any passengers, the bomb will be detonated remotely. At each turn the stakes are higher until we are on the edges of our seats, pulling for the good guys. 

In our own stories of our lives we often see the stakes being raised as well. Haven’t there been times in your life when you felt as if you couldn’t bear one more thing? And what happens? One more thing comes along! As we see the stakes being raised, we need to recognize God’s hand at work. Danger plus opportunity.   A God Provide

Thanks to Debbie Macomber for her words. 

Think of a crisis you faced where there was danger, but also opportunity.

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