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A person who is serious about growing spiritually will look for the OPPORTUNITY that today brings, even if today’s opportunity was not what you bargained for.

A graduate student had just gotten his first job, a desk job. He felt it was far beneath his talents and he was probably right. He complained to a friend of his, but his friend was not at all sympathetic.

He just patted him on the back and said: “You know what, the world is a better place because

Michelangelo didn’t say, ‘I don’t do ceilings,’
Moses didn’t say, ‘I don’t do rivers,’
Noah didn’t say, ‘I don’t do arks,’
David didn’t say, ‘I don’t do giants,’
Mary Magdalene didn’t say, ‘I don’t do feet,’
Paul didn’t say, ‘I don’t do Gentiles, and
Jesus didn’t say, ‘I don’t do crosses.’”

Look for the OPPORTUNITY that today brings, even in things you’d rather not do.

The trouble with OPPORTUNITY is….that it always comes disguised as hard work.

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