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Do You Judge Others? – Keep Reading….

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A person who is serious about growing spiritually will make today a day of ACCEPTANCE.

Give yourself the opportunity of going through just one day, concentrating on totally accepting everyone you meet, making no judgments about anyone you encounter.

We need to realize that everything we think, say and do comes back to us like a boomerang. When we send out a judgment in the form of criticism, it comes back to us. When we send out a facial expression or words that are loving, love is what comes back to us.

So often our ego is in charge of our daily lives. I need to remember what “ego” stands for –

Edging God Out.

The whole world took notice when Pope Francis said, “Who am I to judge?”

The world around each one of us will take notice on our days of ACCEPTANCE when our attitude toward everyone we meet is: “Who am I to judge?”

1. Accept what is
2. Let go of what was
3. Have faith in what will be.

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