Do You Need a Special Invitation?

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Two men met one Sunday morning for coffee. They had been partners in various business ventures for over 25 years. They had vacationed together with their wives and had been out to dinner many times.

The one man asked, “Where are you going from here?” “I’m going to play golf. Would you care to join me?” “No thanks,” he answered, I’m heading for church.”

said his friend, “Do you still believe in that church stuff?”

His friend asked him why he said that. “Well, we’ve been partners for over 25 years. We’ve been out to eat countless times and we’ve vacationed together…..

You’ve never invited me to go with you even once.
Obviously, it doesn’t mean that much to you!

Today is the first day of Advent. We are getting our homes decorated for Christmas. We’re lining up the Christmas cards we’ll be sending out. We’re deciding on the gifts we will be giving. How about our inner life, our spiritual life? Are we getting that ready for the Christ Child when he comes to us?
I told the above story in church a couple of years ago. A man approached me after mass. He said that is what happened to him. His family members met him while they were out of town. They asked him where the church was and what time were the masses? He did not know. He had not been to church in years.

He told me he was so embarrassed that he started going to church again every week
. He said he was loving it. He was growing spiritually. He was getting closer and closer to Jesus. He was a Happy Camper spiritually!!

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