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A woman traveled to Florida in winter to relax and enjoy the swimming pool down by the ocean. As she was lounging poolside a little boy came up to her. She smiled at him. “Do you believe in God? the boy blurted out.

“Why yes,” she shot back, not knowing why he was asking this.

Before she could inquire, he asked: “Do you pray every day?”

She was troubled by his questions, but she responded anyway, “Yes, I pray everyday, why are you asking me?”

Before he could respond, he pulled a ten-dollar bill out of his trunks and gave it to her. “Would you please hold this for me while I go swimming?” he asked.

We laugh, but how about us? Who do you trust when you need to take the plunge? Who do you go to when the chips are down? A Spouse? Family? Friends? God? Anybody? A God Provide

Never trust someone
Who takes hours to text you back.
But when you hang out with them
They check their smart phone every minute.

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