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I remember the Peanuts cartoon where Lucy is chasing Charlie Brown. She is shaking her fist at him and screaming: “I’ll get you Charlie Brown. I’ll get you. And when I get you I’m going to knock your block off!”

Suddenly, Charlie Brown screeches to a halt. He turns and in a very mature way says: “Wait a minute, Lucy. You and I are relatively small children with relatively small problems and if we can’t sit down and talk through our problems with love, respect and understanding, how can we expect the great nations of the world to sit down and talk things through?”

And then, “Whop!” Lucy slugs him and says: “I had to hit him quick. He was beginning to make sense!”

That’s what closed-minded people do. They don’t want to listen to another person’s point of view. So, they hit them quick. They think that anybody who disagrees with them is the enemy….the enemy who must be silenced.

And some, sadly, even go so far as to think that
Anybody who disagrees with them is the enemy of God.

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