Does God Compare and Rank?

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That God does not compare or rank his children seems to be a point almost impossible for us to grasp, because we live in a world which ranks and compares people

People are seen as more intelligent, or less intelligent, more beautiful or less beautiful, more successful or less successful, and we have convinced ourselves that love must do the same. 

When we hear someone else being praised, it is difficult not to think of ourselves as less praiseworthy. We see people getting awards, and trophies, and prizes, and we cannot avoid asking our self: Why did that not happen to me?

When, all our lives, we grow up in a world filled with grades, and scores, and statistics, we learn either consciously or unconsciously that we must measure up. It is then that the joy of living flies right past us because we are bent on comparing.

God does not compare his children and rank them. And though intellectually I can get this in my mind, on a pure emotional level I find this very difficult to accept.

Thanks to Brett Blair for these words.

How can you work on not comparing or ranking people this Lent?

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