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Does God Ever Stop Laughing?

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Don’t hug the illusion that you are in charge of your life. Think of all the people who once had plans and thought that they were in charge of their lives. I love the plaque that says:

“If you want to hear God laugh…tell God your plans!”
You and I were never in charge of our lives to begin with.

God is in charge of the time and seasons of our lives. God will always have the last word.
God will make all things new again. God will lift up the lowly and free the captives. God will forever humble the mighty. God will turn your life and my life upside down.

Do your best, but be humble enough to give the glory to God.
Be open to the Spirit of God.

Even learn to embrace your cross
, knowing that God can tease glory out of all that radiation and chemo that you or a loved one has to endure. We know this because God was glorified in the horrific sufferings and death of his own son Jesus.

“If you want to hear God laugh……tell God your plans.”

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