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Does God Have to Yell at You?

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I remember reading a Peanuts cartoon strip in which Lucy comes up to her brother Charlie Brown and does something that is very unusual for her. She says, I love you.”

But Charlie Brown keeps responding by saying: “No you don’t.” And each time Lucy answers a little louder: “Yes I do, I really love you.”

But Charlie Brown has been rejected so many times he keeps saying: “It can’t be true.” So in the last square, Lucy has reached the limit of her patience and she screams out in a loud voice: “Hey stupid, I love you!”

I wonder if God has to do that with us sometimes. I mean, what does it take to get through. Does God have to yell out: Hey blockhead, I love you!”

Can’t you see that God will literally turn this world upside down in his search for one human soul. A God Flash

Maybe you feel like God has been turning your world upside down a little bit lately.

Well, that’s love at work. And the supreme sign of that love is God’s gift of Jesus Christ to you! A God Provide

God loves you more in one moment than anyone could love you in a whole lifetime.

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