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Don’t Call It a Sacrifice

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A couple, visiting in Korea, saw a father and his son working in a rice paddy. The old man guided the heavy plow as the boy pulled it.

“I guess they must be very poor,” the man said to the missionary who was the couple’s guide and interpreter.

“Yes,” replied the missionary. “That’s the family of Chi Nevi. When the church was built, they were eager to give something to it, but they had no money. So they sold their ox and gave the money to the church. This spring they are pulling the plow themselves.”

After a long silence, the woman said, “That was a real sacrifice.”

The missionary responded, “They do not call it a sacrifice. They are just thankful they had an ox to sell.”    A God Provide

Thanks to Bishop Ray Chamberlain for this story. 

Has the coronavirus pandemic been helping you to realize what is REALLY important in your life?

What “ox in your life” are YOU willing to part with because you have come to realize how thankful you are for all have been given?

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