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Don’t Misread the Signs

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The religious and political leaders who were in power at the time misread the events of Jesus’ birth.

When a woman is to have a baby, she goes to the best hospital she and her husband can afford. They find the best doctors and highly trained specialists. They get the best that money can buy. And they do this not because they feel strong, but because they feel weak.

When God’s Son was born, Jesus was born in a stable under very austere and unsanitary conditions. It happened this way not because God was poor, but because God was sure of himself. A God Touch

The leaders misread the signs. The baby born in the stable is not a sign of a weak and ineffectual king. But it is a sign of a majesty who is secure and knows who he is. It’s a sign of love. The leaders of that time didn’t know anything about that. And so they missed it.

When was the last time you held a baby? Take a few moments to reflect on it…..

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